Saturday, 14 January 2012

Watch the Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2012 show live on



  1. nice shows, but somehow i hv a feeling of "been there done that"...
    The studded portfolios are the rage for me! Thnx for sharing..

  2. Pros:

    - Colour coordination
    - Finishings/quality of some of the coats/jackets
    - Runway styling is good


    - Most people won't buy head to toe Burberry to make those combinations and be that coordinated
    - Too many short bombers and over blazers? Looked awful, if anyone were to do that on the street you'd think they looked off for some reason
    - What's with the animals? They are awful as well, especially the sequinned one on the sweater
    - Thought Prorsum was more forward thinking and putting coloured stripes on the bottom of a regular Burberry jacket isn't fashion forward


    The quality and colours were amazing but something the high street has been on to for some time just not on this level. The accessories were more exciting and there seemed to be a lot of attention placed on those knit gloves. Assuming they want people to buy something small if they can't afford the main pieces.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. I liked the velvet suits at the end but they've been done, and in those colours no less. The cropped bombers only worked in certain cases, and I can't help but think that the way they were worn over the suits made the looks look really awkward from the back.
      Watching it, I just kept thinking of how much I preferred the Spring collection...

  3. Loved it! The studded clutch is breathtaking! Love the cropped styles!

  4. thanks guys for the lovely comments. anon, your analysis is amazing. agree with you on the accessories front. accessories tend to sell well anyway so i predict a great season ahead. buy more burberry shares now!

  5. I'm a little bit dissapointed by this collection even if it's better than the previous one. As always, the styling is good but, it's so boring.It's like they're stick in their formula and don't want to take risks. Ok, there's some good, eye-catching accessories but, the velvet look cheap and the bomber jackets are quite unflattering.
    I'll buy some Burberry items but, i'm very dissapointed.

  6. loic: i feel what you're saying, i do agree it's a pretty safe collection. the economy is pretty fragile now, you won't see many risque collections coming down the runway. sticking to classics in an economy downturn is a good option.

  7. 00o00: I understand your point but to me, brands like Burberry can do whatever they want because they're quite establish and people believe in their products and in their quality. Classic to me doesn't mean safe but with all those collection maybe it's normal to be bored by Burberry.

    PS: have you seen the PRADA collection? It was beyond great and what a show!


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