Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bill Amberg coin cases

stumbled upon the bill amberg sample sale around the truman brewery in shoreditch last saturday. found this beautifully tanned structured coin case, reduced to an irresistible £10. i had to right?

so i did that awful thing, buying it because it was heavily reduced in price. even though i had a similar one in blue python also by bill amberg, sitting on the shelves not being used. so i decided to use the new coin case from now.

the essentials.



  1. damn I need a coin case as well! thanks for sharing dude

  2. Bill Amberg? Seems more like a big and bold copy of the original by "Il Bussetto"! Big no

  3. Beautiful and cute coin case! I could not have resisted it either, at just £10! Color of the python coin case is gorgeous. And LOVE the green lizard wallet!

  4. that blue one is beautiful, and I'm usually anti-unnatural animal prints/skins.

  5. Such a quirky little piece! And beautifully crafted, thanks for sharing.


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