Monday, 27 February 2012

Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2012 - Those umbrellas...

if there is something that we all should get for fall winter 2012, it will be the umbrellas from burberry prorsum that everyone talked about. i had a closer look last week, really loving the detailing. hope the umbrellas will be put into production. if you are getting one, just have to remember not to leave it by those umbrella bins.

the finale at burberry prorsum menswear fall winter 2012. i took a few more pics of the delectable accessories, will share them throughout the week.



  1. me want it :) so bad, all black with gold metal in handle, perfectly amazing

  2. OMG htye are amazing!! I was so intrigued by them as well! where did u see them? and do u know how much they gonna sell for? :O sooooooooo cool!

    1. saw them at the showroom, not sure of retail price. guess we'll know when it arrives in stores in a few months...

    2. bet they will be like £500 at least :( boooo

  3. BRILLIANT thats what i can say.

  4. A couple of umbrellas with duck- and hound-shaped handles are now available at They're not cheap: $850 and $1,295.


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