Saturday, 18 February 2012

James Jagger in Marni At H&M - Los Angeles launch party

james jagger / ph: h&m

h&m threw a fashion party last night in los angeles to celebrate the upcoming launch of the "marni at h&m" collection. actor james jagger, son of the legendary mick jagger, was spotted at the event in a long blue hooded coat from the limited collection. love the peek of orange from the hood.

marni at h&m / ph: h&m

i prefer the sand colored coat, but wished the hood came with the same orange lining too. the coat will retail for £149, and the collection launches 8th march. you excited?



  1. i also like the sand colored. saw a pic of it at

  2. Hi Joe. I love the collection. I'm just going to have to keep my fingers crossed that I can get some pieces from H & M online.

  3. I'm excited, this is basic gear thats not two expensive and will fit in with my everyday wardrobe, the Versace collection was too over the top and a little camp in most parts. I do really hate queuing though

  4. I didn't like so much the Versace collection for HM, but Marni looks great, maybe the best ever!
    I also love the BV tote in the wishlist on the left.

  5. Did you end up getting anything from this collaboration Joe? I thought it had some very nice and wearable pieces which really 'looked' Marni, but it seems to have turned out to be the slowest selling H&M-collaboration so far; for the men's items anyway. It's a shame for Marni, but good for me because it's the first collab where all the pieces I wanted were still available in my size when I finally managed to get on the website.

    1. great that you got what you wanted from the collab! i wasn't very keen on the collection, it looked too cos-like to me. i wasn't a big fan or marni to begin with, so the collab didn't really interest me.

      am looking forward to their next collab though...


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