Saturday, 25 February 2012

Kenny Bee [钟镇涛] in Topman and Alexander McQueen - Hong Kong birthday party celebrations

钟镇涛庆祝59岁生日于香港举行森林主题生日派对,身穿 topman 豹纹夹克与 alexander mcqueen 猫纹上衣。帅!/ ph: tungstar, sina

hong kong artiste kenny bee celebrated his 59th birthday on thursday. yes, 59th. whatever he is drinking can i have some of that please! kenny was from a band called "the wynners" formed in the 70s, and they were huge. think the beatles equivalent but in the far east. at that time, they had an A lead singer, and he was the B lead single. he was affectionately known as kenny Bee ever since. and my parents love the wynners.

the ever youthful singer threw a forest theme party, and wore a leopard print shawl collared jacket from the topman AAA collection, paired with a matching ocelot cat print shirt from alexander mcqueen spring summer 2012. i can't think of another 59 year old rocking leopard prints and bling bling shoes with such aplomb. he looked lovely, happy birthday kenny.

alexander mcqueen ocelot print shirt / ph: oki-ni

the alexander mcqueen ocelot print shirt is available online from oki-ni, and the leopard print shawl collared jacket is also available online from


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  1. leopard print on men is verrry daring..don't know if I like it!


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