Friday, 10 February 2012

Mr. Hare Spring Summer 2012 - Fela and King Tubby Creeper

one of my favourite shoes from mr. hare's spring summer 2012 collection is the "fela". the body of the shoe is made from one piece of leather, ie no separate toe-cap, no separate pieces around the shoe laces etc, giving it a nice smooth overall finish. really loving the elegant elongated shapes associated with mr. hare's shoes.

i've featured the blue suede king tubby a few times on here. "king tubby" has since been given a make over, this time in washed-out pink and navy, an ode to that sun drenched warm colors and 80's surf vibe (an apparent passion of mr. hare. if you google hard enough you'll find pictures of him and surf boards aplenty...).

both "fela" and "king tubby creeper" are available online from oki-ni. which do you prefer?



  1. So great collection indeed ! I really love the pink shoes so amazing !

  2. last pic is so good! impressed much :D

  3. Wow these are beautiful! I love looking at men's shoes for some reason. The dusty pink is lovely but I'd worry about it getting dirty..but I think it'd look amazing. Would love to see the blue!

  4. I love the king tubby in pink! I wish the soles weren't so blocky and white when you look at the profile.


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