Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mr. Hudson in Hardy Amies - Brit Awards 2012

mr hudson / ph: getty images

mr. hudson was also spotted at yesterday's brit awards 2012 in london. he wore a really nice grey silk jacket with matching shirt from hardy amies spring summer 2012. perhaps taking inspiration from the runway, he wore a pair of golden oxford lace-ups. i prefer the golden tasselled loafers from the runway really. in fact, i am loving that whole runway styling.

i love seeing mr. hudson on the red carpets. hardy amies spring summer 2012 is also available online from matchesfashion.



  1. where did he get those glasses? !

  2. I don't like either look. The runway looks like fancy pj's and Hudson would've looked better with a different shirt. Loving the shoes....both

  3. The styling from Hardy Aimes feels like a somewhat modern Great Gatsby in summer sleepwear. So good

  4. I don't dig either look. I tried to, espesh with the more mink tone that the runway version has but they both look messy to me. The shoes matching Mr Hudson's hair seem to shorten him. Loving all over the glasses though.


what's he wearing?