Monday, 13 February 2012

Swizz Beatz in Tom Ford - 54th Annual Grammy Awards

alicia keys and swizz beatz / ph: getty images

love seeing a velvet tux on the red carpet but not so sure about it on swizz beatz. the tom ford velvet tux is lusciously beautiful, but i wouldn't style it with a black shirt and matching bow tie. not sure why he felt the need to wear shades too. he looked great, but with a tom ford tux i really expected it to be elevated to the next level. what do you think?



  1. So bold, so vivid, so luxurious. I love Tom Ford!
    You're right, he should have worn that with a simple white shirt and a black, not velvet, bow.

  2. I think he looks quite handsome. But also we have to give music stars a bit of leeway, they're not known for their elegance in general. I like Alicia's shoes too.

  3. Coloured tie with black shirt = Every single "bro" at a High School ball ever

  4. He messed up with the black shirt and the bowtie. He should have opted for white shirt and black bowtie.


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