Monday, 6 February 2012

A touch of frost

you've probably heard, it snowed overnight in london on saturday. with that knife-cuttingly cold weather spells we've been experiencing, i was quite frankly expecting a full on locked in snow storm. but meh, we had a little bit of frost and slush. i guess this is what they meant by "all fart and no poo".

still, it makes for a nice refreshing sunday morning stroll around the neighbourhood. strangely, i did not know there was a museum three minutes from where i live.

a rather fashionably camouflaged tree along the river thames. can i have a jacket in that print please?

i've been waiting for it to snow for the longest time so i can wear my new tretorn rain/snow boots which i bought last summer in new york. yes, i bought rubber boots in the summer and wanted it to snow so i can wear them. and i lugged them all the way back from new york, as it is rather difficult to find tretorn boots in the UK. yes, swedish boots which i couldn't find in london but had to buy from across the atlantic.

well i like them, as they don't have chunky soles like most wellies do.

like most things, the snow doesn't last. they started melting away by mid day. fleeting, but still lovely.



  1. which model is that?

  2. Nice pics! love them all :D

  3. I wore sneakers out in the snow and kinda regretted it :/


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