Monday, 5 March 2012

Gareth Pugh in Gareth Pugh - "Garage" magazine launch, Paris Fashion Week

Gareth Pugh and Carson McColl / ph: Billy Farrell /,

last weekend saw the launch of dasha zhukova's "garage" magazine in paris during fashion week. pictured at the event was british designer gareth pugh, who showed his fall winter 2012 collection a few days ago. gareth belongs to a small handful of designers who wear their own clothes, which i really think more should be doing. although gareth pugh's menswear seem to veer towards that whole androgyny edgy look, i really really love his long coat with zip detailing. it appeared to be a modified version of the sleeveless coat from his spring summer 2012 collection. i hope the coat on gareth made it to production, it would be a good bridge point between his artistic vision and commercial viability.

the sleeveless long coat, along with a good selection from gareth pugh spring summer 2012, is available online from luisa via roma.



  1. ouch, so gay! not that i'm hard on it, but this picture is... so effin strange. the coat is great tho.


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