Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Nicolas Ghesquière in Balenciaga - Yves Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2012, Paris Fashion Week

Nicolas Ghesquière and Marie-Amélie Sauvé / ph: gorunway, vogue

no, that's not milo ventimiglia from "heroes" sitting front row at stefano pilati's swan song at yves saint laurent. but it's the equally broody and gorgeous nicolas ghesquière, creative director at balenciaga, and his super stylist marie-amélie sauvé. my love for balenciaga is well documented on this blog. i can safely say that through years of harmless cyber-stalking, nicolas ghesquière is pretty much a recluse. we don't see many pictures of him outside of shows. hence it was very surprising to see him sitting front row yesterday at the YSL fall winter 2012 show. perhaps as a sign of respect for outgoing creative director stefano pilati, his fellow colleague within the PPR conglomerate.

if it is rare to see nicolas ghesquière outside of his shows, it is even rarer to see him in balenciaga menswear. and he stunned me by wearing a jacket from balenciaga's menswear spring summer 2012. believe it or not, i saw the exact same jacket at harvey nichols on sunday and toyed with the idea of trying it on. the jacket is reversible, and comes with a leather collar. a beautiful, simple but well cut jacket.

nicolas ghesquière's reversible jacket from balenciaga spring summer 2012 is also available online from matches fashion. i love! now in the words of henry holland's "house of holland", "let's get bare nicolas ghesquière!".



  1. The jacket the model is wearing is Leather right?

  2. I must say that i was surprised to. It's very rare to see a designer at another designer shiow (when it's not menswear for example)!
    I know Ghesquiere is a Margiela fan. He's always wearing Margiela and it's surprising to see him in his own designs.

    What a trendy couple!

  3. Is Nicolas the menswear designer for Balenciaga? I've always wondered about this.

    I've seen that jacket before but didn't pay much attention as it looks like a typical Uniqlo sports jacket due to Matches lacklustre styling/ photography. The Matches photo most of all, failed to capture the brilliant cerulean colour (is it?) Thanks for posting this...i can see that its so much more then what I'd perceived initially.

    1. i believe he doesn't design menswear. the jacket looked much more appealing in person, having seen it up close at harvey nichols. i love the leather collar and slim fit. go see it!


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