Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sold my ASOS shares today...

asos plc / ph: yahoo.com

just sold my shares in british online retailer asos plc, the highest it has been for the past month, but i just broke even on this trade. asos peaked at £24/share last year, but share price took a tumble down to a low of £11 in december 2011. i decided that breaking even is good enough for me at this point. am withdrawing my funds, and that is going towards my first flat. a smeg fridge, a dyson hoover, the entire le creuset range and perhaps then some.

baby steps and feeling domesticated. happy days!



  1. congratulations! sounds great! x

  2. I really enjoy reading your "financial" posts. I'm wondering how you pick and choose the companies you want to invest in? I'm looking to start investing in fashion-related companies as well but taking baby steps in understanding markets, etc.


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