Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Stefano Pilati for Yves Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2012

stefano pilati for YSL fall winter 2012 / ph: gorunway.com, vogue

stefano pilati presented his last collection for the house of yves saint laurent in paris yesterday. news of hedi slimane replacing stefano pilati broke two hours after raf simons showed his last collection for the house of jil sander during milan fashion week a few days earlier. it all seemed very tactical, timing the announcement to steal raf's thunder, when critics were still grieving at raf simons's swan song at jil sander.

it was recently reported that the house of YSL finally broke even and made a profit, after ten years of loss making businesses. to be honest, i think that is a very long turnaround and perhaps they got tired of waiting. however, a company's financial success doesn't just depend on the artistic merits of it's creative director. it's a little unfair to say he creates beautiful pieces but ultimately doesn't sell. there are other functions within the business too, you'll have to read between the lines. hands on my heart, i really love what stefano pilati had done for YSL. he created elegance and beauty, and kept to the DNA of the great monsieur. it wasn't easy trailing in the shadows of the master couturier, and after tom ford who brought much fanfare back to the house.

i honestly think stefano pilati will be great for dior, but who am i eh. i look forward to what stefano pilati will be doing next. all the very best.



  1. Even if i'm not really sad with his departure, i'm sad of not seeing him at Fashion Week. YSL is one of the most complicated, if it's not the most complicated house in the entire fashion industry. First the legacy and second, the YSL crew + YSL himself.
    They treat Pilati the same way they used to treat Tom Ford and, i find this really rude. The night of Pilati's last show, Pierre Bergé organized an exposition at the "Fondation YSL", the same way he did for Tom Ford. Pilati did an amazing job from 2005 to 2008. His collection for both Men and Women were, interesting, wearable a desirable.

    I have to admit that i've almost cried when Tom Ford showed his last collection. Now it's not the same. I hope that Pilati will find a house where he can create in a peacefull environement but not at Dior.

  2. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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