Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Trafalgar in Shanghai - Alfred Dunhill

"trafalgar" by alfred dunhill / ph: dunhill

last friday, alfred dunhill hosted an amazing presentation in shanghai entitled "trafalgar". the collection was shown on 64 asian models, standing on ‘trafalgar square’, which took 17,000 man hours to construct. the presentation sounded really spectacular: the use of CGI to simulate a full year of weather condensed over one day. spring was dawn, summer noon, autumn dusk and winter was night. there were scent of rain specially created for the event (which i hope they bottled and will produce), set against an amazing soundtrack which included sigur ros (love them) and violinist charlie siem, who performed and backed by a 9 piece chinese orchestra.

walking down the runway is no longer adequate to showcase a collection. "trafalgar" looked amazing in shanghai. here's hoping they will next stage "shanghai" in london.

charlie siem at "trafalgar" by alfred dunhill / ph: dunhill

british violinist charlie siem, who appeared in their previous "voice" campaign, performed at the event too.

"trafalgar" by alfred dunhill / ph: dunhill

interesting to see that dunhill brought england to shanghai, but tailored it with an all asian cast. this is an obvious move for the chinese market, but they seem to have gone all out and done it with sincerity. over a thousand regional press/guests attended the showcase. you can find more pictures and videos of "trafalgar" at dunhill's facebook page:



  1. that looks awesome!!!

  2. Looks amazing, but doesn't doing such a weather concept stray deep into Burberry-land? Whereas Dunhill's been focusing (very successfully) on exploration and adventurousness?

    1. i think the weather bit is just for the presentation, the visual spectacle. the clothes were actually very classic or safe, supposedly to be a trans-seasonal collection. i don't think they are starting to do luxe outerwear ala burberry (or belstaff or late). but i am not seeing the adventure or exploration like you mentioned too.

      it's difficult. the event is tailored for the chinese market, so it has to be safe to a degree. heritage brands like dunhill, burberry, aquascutum etc do very well over there. and heritage is often... safe.


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