Saturday, 14 April 2012

Conor Maynard in Topman x Shaun Samson - "Secret gig", London

conor maynard / ph: wenn via entertainmentwise

british singer conor maynard performed a "secret gig" in london yesterday. turns out, it's the high street kensington branch of nandos. secret gigs are no longer underground nor illusive. the singer, who won mtv's "brand new for 2012" award, performed in a denim jacket from the new topman x shaun samson collection.

for the topman denim jacket project, the high street retailer collaborated with six designers, each giving their unique interpretation. they include lou dalton, mark mcnairy, oliver spencer, katie eary, in-house topman design as well as shaun samson. shaun's denim jacket featured a mesh design on the back, giving it a nice interesting contrast.

you can get conor maynard's topman x shaun samson denim jacket online from topman.



  1. Hello,

    have you seen the front cover of his single? Do you know who made the baseball jacket he is wearing in the photo? I've looked everywhere but can't find a website which says who the jacket is by...


    1. hi john, it's by thom browne. i'm doing a blog post tomorrow, keep a lookout!

  2. Amazing, thanks. Wish it was by someone s-l-i-g-h-t-l-y more affordable, but at least now I know!


  3. where did he get the baige/brown jacket from he wears in vegas girl

  4. Yes i would love to know the same thing about the brown suede motorcycle jacket in the "Vegas Girl" video :)


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