Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mika in Christian Louboutin "Havana Trash" - Ivy Club, London

mika at the ivy club / ph:, zimbio 

just why did i bail out of the after party after monday night's christian louboutin retrospective at the design museum i do not know. i would have so met mika, he who set off my louboutin sneakers obsession! apparently he was at the design museum too, but how did i not spot him! mika looked amazing in a green contrast collared shirt with a really well tailored suit, paired with the "havana trash" lace-ups from christian louboutin spring summer 2012. i love the peek of his brown strapped rectangular watch.

i am so loving his whole look. so so loving.

christian louboutin "havana trash"


  1. It's a good choice but for these kind of shoes I would take a suit more daring with print for instance.

  2. Clearly Louboutin will not be walking a mile in his own shoe designs. The interview was conducted in the U.K., where he's launching a new book; he made these statements in the Christian Louboutin shoes, only to have them move Stateside via Fash Track. Well, it's not the first time women have had to suffer for beauty - but suffer for sex? Clearly Monsieur Louboutin thinks it's worth it!


what's he wearing?