Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Nicky Wu [吴奇隆] in Givenchy - Chengdu appearance, China / 吴奇隆现身成都体育馆演唱, 身穿 GIVENCHY 春夏 2012 系列衬衫

nicky wu [吴奇隆] / ph: sina | givenchy spring summer 2012 / ph: gorunway, gq

taiwanese artiste nicky wu [吴奇隆] was pictured at the chinese city of chengdu on sunday. nicky attended a promotional event / mini concert, and wore a givenchy "birds of paradise" shirt from the current spring summer 2012 collection. he paired it with amazon green chinos which i thought matched the shirt really well. my honest thoughts of the shirt when it appeared on the runway, was that it will look great in editorials but difficult to translate in real life. i really like nicky's styling, it's a look which one could really go to town with. love the rolled up sleeves and the black watch, really good.

nicky wu [吴奇隆] / ph: sina | givenchy spring summer 2012 / ph: gorunway, gq
not really feeling the rolled up trousers, but other than that i really like it. do you like how nicky wore the shirt? a great selection of the "birds of paradise" shirts are available online from mr porter US and mr porter international.



  1. Nicky Wu...wow..it's BEEN awhile. I remembered him being a teen idol waaaaaaaaay back

    1. he is still going strong! i saw him in paris at the dior homme show in january. he is very petite though.

  2. um...i thinks he's kinda ruined this shirt

  3. wow, Nicky wu rocks. He gives another way to wear this givenchy shirt, more casual.

  4. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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