Friday, 4 May 2012

Will Smith in Gucci - "Men in Black III" photocall in Los Angeles, California

will smith / ph: reuters, yahoo 

will smith attended the photocall for "men in black III" yesterday in los angeles. will wore a red/plum colored cotton jacket from louis vuitton spring summer 2012, paired with striped t-shirt and blue denims. i remembered seeing this jacket in stores. the thing that attracted me to the jacket were the gorgeous buttons on the front and back of sleeves. it's a classic investment piece which i really like.  thank you to reader "CC Marques" for pointing out that the blazer is actually from gucci spring summer 2012. apologies for my mistake.

what do you think of will's look?



  1. My thoughts were pretty much this:
    "Seriously? Seriously Will????"
    The attire is a mess! The jeans don´t fit. They are kind of baggy and too long. The knit is completely wrong. I can´t even...
    The blazer looks great tho´. Great color and fit.


  2. Don't think the blazer is Vuitton though!

    1. where do you think it is from?

    2. I bought the same blazer on the show a week plus ago. Was told that the only other colour was in grey blue from the SA. No idea who the blazer is from.

    3. It´s from Gucci Spring 2012. I´m almost 100% sure. All the details are the same.

    4. Here´s the link: Sorry, forgot to add in the previous comment.

    5. i searched again for the HQ pic of will at the premiere, the buttons do match the gucci jacket. thank you for spotting that, and apologies for my mistake.

  3. The Jacket is perfect, skin and hair too. He's handsome but the look is not good.
    He needs to wear Tom Ford. It could look perfect on him!

  4. the thing that makes the blazer a standout is the color and unfortunately he really played that down. the top is too busy and i don´t think blue jeans are the best thing he could have worn either. i´d have stuck to black or a very dark blue or gray. that would have looked more elegant imo.

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  6. I think the blazer is actually Gucci (look 10 from spring 2012)!

    That look is a mess anyway...

  7. Gucci fashion really never fades!


what's he wearing?