Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Alexander Skarsgård's Persol square framed acetate sunglasses

Alexander Skarsgård / ph: SplashNewsOnline via JustJared

True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgård was pictured around Soho New York yesterday. Dressed in the Swedish football jersey to support his home country against Ukraine in the Euro 2012 match, he paired it with black denims and classic grey Converse sneakers. Looking effortlessly stylish and no doubt turning heads on the street, he upped the style stakes with a pair of Persol square framed acetate sunglasses in tortoiseshell.

effortlessly stylish.
You can get the Persol square framed acetate sunglasses online from Mr Porter (US) and Mr Porter International.



  1. He is a BIG fan of Persol! I love Alexander :-)

  2. I am big fan of Persol glasses, Alexander looking very stylish.


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