Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Christopher Kane in Prada - Scottish Fashion Awards 2012

Christopher Kane / ph: scottishfashionawards.com

Christopher Kane attended last night's Scottish Fashion Awards 2012 in Glasgow. The great Scot, who won the coveted "Designer Of The Year" award, wore an embellished shirt from Prada Spring Summer 2012. The busy shirt featured a collar lined with rhinestones over a printed silk shirt. Rather oddly, I really love the look, maybe it's because of the lightweight blazer over the shirt.

Despite having his own men's line and consulting for Versace/Versus, Christopher Kane is often seen wearing Prada menswear. I've even bumped into him (not literally) at the Prada Old Bond Street store on a quiet weekend afternoon too.

what do you think of Christopher Kane's look for the night?


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  1. He's dressed like Brieuc75 : http://brieuc75.typepad.fr/soundtracktomylife/2012/05/la-tenue-du-jour-en-prada-et-sur-menlyfr.html


what's he wearing?