Thursday, 5 July 2012

An interview with Julian Neale, Artistic Director at Façonnable

Julian Neale, Artistic Director at Façonnable

Façonnable enjoys near-legendary status in France for its immaculate preppy and formal-wear, which has been worn by countless silver screen stars and Côte d'Azur high rollers. The brand is classic in spirit, with a distinctly Gallic twist to its sophisticated designs. With newly appointed Artistic Director Julian Neale at the helm, Façonnable has been reinvigorated with a contemporary edge. Here is an exclusive Q & A with Julian Neale:

What are the influences for Autumn Winter 12?
- The tale of a dandy who falls under the spell of the Riviera. Discovering his creative side he begins to combine the traditional with the bohemian. It's all about relaxed elegance and the incredible light of a Mediterranean winter.
What are the challenges when designing for men?
- Getting guys to ease up a bit and to see clothing as something to enjoy rather than just being a uniform. I still get the odd look when I wear a pair of Bermudas to the office. But it's nice to bring a bit of the beach to work when the sun is shining!
Is there a specific design philosophy you follow? 

- When in doubt, keep it simple.
Do you shop online? If so, what do you buy?
- I do. Mostly books which I collect, unique bits and pieces such as a hand embroidered belt from Argentina that I recently found... and from time to time a treat from Mr. Porter!

Julian Neale for Façonnable Fall Winter 2012 / Mr. Porter look book

You can find a good selection of Façonnable Fall Winter 2012 online from Mr Porter.


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