Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Christopher Kane in Balenciaga - The British Fashion Awards Nominees party, The Savoy London

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Yasmin Ghandehari and Christopher Kane / ph: Tatler UK, Getty Images

Apologies for the long radio silence on the blog. It's a mixture of poor health, fatigue and general all nice weather in London which pulled me away from my computer. Hope I am slowing getting back into the swing of things. And what a wonderful welcome back to see Christopher Kane in Balenciaga. The British fashion contingent gathered at The Savoy in London on Monday night for the British Fashion Awards Nominees party. Christopher Kane, who was nominated for Designer of the year, wore a Balenciaga "Egyptofunk" t-shirt to the event. Surprised that he wore that t-shirt, as he is usually seen in Prada or something from his own collections.

Do I like this whole "Join a weird trip" thing? I'm not too keen at the watered down t-shirts. I saw the amazing pieces from the womenswear collection in neoprene last weekend at Harrods and totally love it. I think it would be awesome if Christopher wore the neoprene sweatshirt straight from the runway.

Join the weird trip?



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  3. I cried for Balenciaga of late. Sigh.

  4. Missing your posts. Welcome back! :)


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