Monday, 24 September 2012

Sam Riley in Jonathan Saunders - Observer Magazine cover

00O00 London Menswear Blog Sam Riley Observer Magazine cover Jonathan Saunders
Sam Riley / Observer Magazine | Jonathan Saunders Fall Winter 2012

Sam Riley appeared on the cover of this week's Observer Magazine. The English actor wore a belted "Gerard" diamond wool coat from Jonathan Saunders Fall Winter 2012. We rarely see Jonathan Saunders menswear being featured in editorials, so it is rather refreshing to see it on the cover of a magazine. I love the picture, I thought Sam looked really cool.

Sam was interviewed for his portrayal as Jack Kerouac in the movie "On the Road". You can read the interview here:
00O00 London Menswear Blog Sam Riley Observer Magazine cover Jonathan Saunders
You can get the Jonathan Saunders "Gerard" diamond wool coat online from Matches Fashion.



  1. Damnnnnn cool coat, I need a geo print coat for fall for sure. Oh, I just post up my final batch of LFW shots I took, fab street style shots guaranteed, it was sort of my Tommy Ton moment, well at least in my head that is hahaa.

    xx The Provoker

  2. Sorry to say, your blog is getting boring. ummmmm
    Please don't publish my comment, it's for yourself only. I used to love love love your blog, I really miss your old posts.

    What happened?

    1. sorry if the new direction of the blog has let you down. the blog needs to evolve as it progress, and i am constantly seeking new things and ideas. work is getting busier as well, so i have to update less and go with an easier and sustainable model.

      hopefully you will like future changes.

  3. Hi Joseph, Sorry for the comment the other day. I admire your style and taste, have been reading your blog for years. I love your old posts about what you like, what you purchased and what you wearing etc... so much inspiration from you!

    Didn't expect that you would reply me in public, that makes me like you even more.
    Wish you all the best and looking forward for the future changes of your blog!

    Ed from Singapore

    1. there's no need to be sorry about constructive comments. i wanted the blog to progress and feel more professional. posting predominantly what i wear or what i bought makes it feels amateurish, which is nothing wrong but i just wanted the blog to grow and perhaps reflect another stage in my life.

      thank you for your continued support.


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