Thursday, 29 November 2012

TaeYang [태양] from BigBang in Balmain - Incheon Airport

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TaeYang from BigBang / ph: Sina

Band members from South Korean superband BigBang was spotted at Incheon Airport in Seoul yesterday. The band were heading towards Hong Kong for the 2012 MAMA Awards (Mnet Asian Music Awards). Band member TaeYang wore one of my favourite coats from Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2012. The military coat featured beautiful embroidery details around the wrists and epaulets. I love the authoritative coat, but thinks TaeYang needs to be a few inches higher to really carry it off.

Do you like TaeYang in the Balmain coat?



  1. agree with you. awesome coat but ideally commands a higher stance. not much he can do about that tho...

  2. nice coat...but not on him. I think it looks more like the coat wearing him.

  3. Of course~ the dandiest man in the world.
    The deep feeling of Taeyang's fashion can't be comparable to next red pants! No doubt~

  4. It's bad that all these designer labels don't cut they clothes a lil bit shorter as well, like second versions.


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