Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Eddie Peng [彭于晏] in Valentino - Premiere of "A Wedding Invitation 分手合約"

Eddie Peng / source: Sina, Tungstar | Valentino menswear Spring Summer 2013

Eddie Peng [彭于晏] attended the premiere and press conference of his new movie/series "A Wedding Invitation 分手合約". The English title of the movie/series seem a little odd to me, as "分手合約" literally translate to "A break up contract". How that became "A Wedding Invitation" is a little baffling. But nevermind, let's focus our attention on lead actor Eddie Peng [彭于晏], who wore a beautiful contrast leather sleeve jacket from Valentino menswear Spring Summer 2013. Doesn't he look gorgeous? I'm sure that cutesy smile helps. Eddie's jacket is the same one presented on the runway, but the colors appeared so much more vivid on his version. I'm thinking it's the strong studio lights.

Eddie Peng and cast/ source: Sina, Tungstar

Here's Eddie with the rest of the cast, easily the best dressed. Love his pairing with slim fitted trousers and matching leather shoes.

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