Monday, 8 April 2013

Alexander Skarsgard's Mulberry "Maxi Mabel" - LAX Airport

Alexander Skarsgard / Source: FameFlynet Pictures

Alexander Skarsgard was pictured at Los Angeles International Airport today, and he's looking good. Dressed in his signature grey t-shirt and denims, white Common Projects sneakers and Persol shades, he also carried a peculiar bag (to me). I believed he travelled with the Mulberry "Maxi Mabel", an oversized bag, which believe you me, was marketed as a woman's bag. Skarsgard isn't tiny, that bag would have dwarfed most women don't you think? What's peculiar for me, is that it looked more like a garment carrier. Perhaps Skarsgard did not fill the bag up to the brim, or perhaps it's something new we've not seen. For now, let's assume it was the Mulberry "Maxi Mabel".

Love Alexander Skarsgard. I mean, how could you not?

Mulberry "Maxi Mabel"



  1. you're right about the garment carrier part. it is indeed the mabel garment carrier :) I've seen this eons ago at the mulberry outlet store in bath.

    1. ahhh. i searched mabel garment carrier but nothing came up. do we think skarsgard did some outlet shopping?

    2. hrm... I wouldn't mind even if he did shopped in the outlet store :D but again I saw this years ago so I'm not suprised you can't find anything online. Because at that time Mulberry probably haven't engaged Emma Hill yet so they're miles away from what they are now.

    3. do you know how much it costs in the outlet?

  2. Looked like a garmen carrier actually

  3. I love his style! And I'm so in love with his bag :)

  4. Joe, here you go:

    Kevin covered this back in 2009. I have always liked the maxi mabel but not crazy about the cost


what's he wearing?