Thursday, 4 April 2013

Tom Cruise in Giorgio Armani - "Oblivion" London Premiere

Tom Cruise / Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Europe

Tom Cruise attended the UK premiere of "Oblivion" at the BFI IMAX in London earlier this evening. Tom, who plays Jack Harper in the new science fiction film, wore a Giorgio Armani Made to Measure grey three piece suit with pale grey shirt and copper colour neck tie. This man never seem to age, he's looking really good at the premiere. Are you excited about the new movie?



  1. I for one am certainly looking forward to seeing this movie in IMAX.
    As for the styling, well I love the suit, shirt and tie but i feel the jacket and trousers are slightly too long and a little bit of shirt cuff showing from the jacket sleeve would be nice.

    On a completely different note, I saw Patrick Grant on tuesday and this man is the epitome of sartorial elegance. He wore a beautiful suit and a stunning cape coat which he carried off extremely well due his height and build. No doubt all bespoke but never the less a fine example of British tailoring. Im guessing it was E Tautz as opposed to Norton and Sons as it was more adventurous than the usual Norton styling.

    1. Agree that Tom's trousers are a little too long.

      You could put a bin liner over Patrick Grant and he still looks hot. He signed a deal with Debenhams, suits coming from £300!

    2. Patrick Grant in anything... I'm all for having him all over my television now, but I'm not so impressed with the Debenhams idea. The other "Designers at" ranges aren't designed by the designers themselves (how many times can I say "design"?), not even by their own companies/teams, but by totally separate licensed production companies. I really hope this isn't the case with Patrick's line.

    3. That's a first I heard about licensing for the Designers at Debenhams range. Interesting. I guess money talks then.

  2. Yes Im aware of the Hammond & co inspired pieces for Debenhams and my understanding is that Patrick Grant has been involved throughout the design process to ensure that the pieces are true to the Hammond and Co heritage. Of course with anything made specifically for the high street there will inevitably be compromises but I think we may be pleasantly surprised.


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