Wednesday, 3 April 2013

#WishlistWednesday: Home sweet home

00O00 WishlistWednesday Federick Malle candle wick trimmer, Cire Trudon Cierge Imperial pillar candle, Rosita Missoni Home pillow, Lazy table Maison Martin Margiela
This week's #WishlistWednesday is about home furnishings. Since purchasing my flat 11 months back, I guess my priorities have changed. I still love clothes but I am also paying more attention to design. When I am at the shops, I am also checking out their display furniture. I feel that designs and home furnishings will be the next big growth area. Zara Home is doing very well, and most design houses have ventured into furniture / furnishings or some sort. In the developed world, most people are marrying later and / or having less kids. The group with the higher disposable income would have bought enough calf leather handbags and card cases, and moving on to start families or lives of their own. Ikea is great and will maintain it's appeal like H&M and Zara, but at some point I guess people would want to trade up for a statement coat or that dining table centre piece. Because staying in is the new going out. Am I making sense?
Here are four items I wouldn't mind having around the house (left to right):
Candle wick trimmer by Frederic Malle,
"Cierge Imperial" pillar candle by Cire Trudon, 
"Neuss" pillow by Rosita Missoni for Missoni Home, 
"Lazy" small table by Maison Martin Margiela,

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