Monday, 24 June 2013

Luisa Via Roma #Firenze4Ever Stylelab Look 1

00O00 Menswear Blog Luisa Via Roma #Firenze4Ever Stylelab Look 1 June 2013
A week ago I was in Florence with Luisa Via Roma, participating in their 7th edition of Firenze4Ever Stylelab event. A select group of international bloggers and media were invited to the three day extravaganza in the sunny city in Italy, and bloggers were tasked to style 3 looks using pieces from the store's Fall Winter 2013 buys. 

The theme this year was "punk". It really is a difficult theme for me, I was too young to remember or understand the whole eighties punk movement. Coupled with the fact that this is my first ever styling assignment (bloggers stay in front of computers, no?), working with an assistant, a professional photographer and model, I was very keen to keep the look simple. I had to go with what punk means to me: to do things differently, in an unconventional way, not conforming to social norms but not necessarily to shock (as per Ms Menkes in a recent article about the Met Gala in New York).

At first glance, he looked like a fairly regular chap you would see on the streets, but as always it's in the detailings. The Saint Laurent sweatshirt featured ripped detailings and a silver chain on the front. Paired with Lanvin jersey trousers and Dioniso white sneakers, I wanted to create an everyday look that is believable and wearable. He pretends to read, but the Olympia Le-Tan clutch houses his phone, and perhaps his Kindle e-book reader. An Iosselliani bracelet on the right hand, Emanuele Bicocchi sterling silver metal cuff on the left and Kris Van Assche sunglasses completed the look. I wanted a style that I could and would wear, and am really happy with the result. 

00O00 Menswear Blog Luisa Via Roma #Firenze4Ever Stylelab Look 1 June 201300O00 Menswear Blog Luisa Via Roma #Firenze4Ever Stylelab Look 1 June 2013
We shot the model on the streets to create a "street style photography" look. I picked the gorgeous Swarovski crystals embellished Dioniso sneakers, but it is really difficult to capture that dazzling brillance and glare outdoors. I love my bling, I love the Iosselliani bracelet so much I ended up buying it (stylist occupational hazard?). It's a stunning piece of accessory which worked really well with a simple  outfit.

So that was look one, two more to come! Hope you guys like it. Great thanks to my wonderful assistant Alessandro from Luisa Via Roma, photographer Tommaso and model Marco. You can shop all pieces above online from Luisa Via Roma.



  1. Ah love this, can't wait to see the rest

  2. Vampy model! I really like this look, the shape of the trouser especially. Can't wait to see the remaining two.


    1. he's gorgeous :)
      i like the relaxed fit of the trousers. hope you will like next two :)

  3. Yay, nice work Mr 00o00, I look forward to see you WERKING that bracelet. I trust you brought the Olympia Le Tan back for me too...?

    1. that bracelet is quite an impulse buy. now i need an occasion. i want the olympia le tan too. my tastes are getting androgynous. or trannylicious.


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