Monday, 1 July 2013

Luisa Via Roma #Firenze4Ever Look 2

00O00 Menswear Blog Luisa Via Roma #Firenze4Ever Stylelab Look 2
Last week I revealed look 1 from my first ever styling assignment, in which I went to Florence in Italy to participate in Luisa Via Roma's Firenze4Ever Stylelab event. The theme was "punk", and we were tasked to style three looks using the store's Fall Winter 2013 buys. As mentioned in the previous blog post, I wanted to keep it simple and create looks which I would/could wear.

The idea for this look was based loosely on Ashton Kutcher's "Punk'd" series. If you see this guy by the stairs, what would your first reaction be. I never really understood why Riccardo Tisci from Givenchy created this t-shirt with "Pervert" emblazoned across, but I wanted to create a contrast with the cute cuddly toys. Or add to the perversity depending on how you perceive it. We had the model dressed in an oversized Givenchy "Pervert 17" t-shirt (XL), paired with skinny Dior Homme jeans to create a beautiful skaterboy silhouette. To break up the dark shades, we picked a pair of gorgeous glitter sneakers from Giacomorelli, and a gorgeous embellished necklace from Akong London to create a jewelled neckline for the t-shirt. A leather baseball cap with an enlarged pin from Marc Jacobs completed his look.

We shot this in an old building next to the store with beautiful railings to create that pensive and almost misunderstood look. The guy who is soft at heart but people assumed him to be perverse because we led them to believe so with that t-shirt. The gorgeous leather bunny and little dog were from MCM who  are enjoying such a resurgence lately. It is sadly not for sale, or should I say "prices upon request" to be more professional?
00O00 Menswear Blog Luisa Via Roma #Firenze4Ever Stylelab Look 200O00 Menswear Blog Luisa Via Roma #Firenze4Ever Stylelab Look 200O00 Menswear Blog Luisa Via Roma #Firenze4Ever Stylelab Look 2

I love this look, hope you do too. You can shop the above items online from Luisa Via Roma.



  1. i absolutely love this look! best tee ever :)

  2. Ah, winning necklace and shoe combination! Love it.


  3. did you even bother to try to understand punk?

    unless you actually just punk'd the event

    i know you are trying to recreat that time but seriously you have little clue.

    i am sadly surprised

    1. I mentioned in the previous blog post / look 1, that I do not understand punk as much of it happened in the 80s and I was too young to understand/remember. I can only go with my own interpretation.

  4. respect

    thanks for posting my comment
    you could have easily ignored it.
    i had read your previous blog post and i being someone who did live through punk, 18 in 1978
    found that your interpretation missed the orginal spirit by quite a bit.
    but on reflection that is my problem.
    for the record i like your styling just disagreed about the punk aspect

    but them i am obviously old anf grizzled!

    nice blog, i obviously look at it regularly.

    1. Hi Garry,

      I publish all comments, got to take all positives and negatives. If you look at their website to see all the looks by the other bloggers, some chose to ignore the theme. It is a difficult one, but I wanted to give it a try.

      I was born in 1978 lol! Can I count that as punk?


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