Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Kevin Hart in Givenchy - BBC Radio One Studios

00O00 Menswear Blog: Kevin Hart in Givenchy - BBC Radio One Studios in London August 2013
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Kevin Hart was pictured arriving at BBC Radio One Studios in London yesterday. The host of the recent 2013 MTV Video Music Awards wore a grey long sleeved star patched polo shirt from Givenchy, paired with denims and black/white Givenchy sneakers with gold stars on the front. Love that he buttoned the polo shirt all the way to showcase the stars. I have the same top, but in short sleeves with red stars. Mine doesn't come with the red panelling at the back of the polo shirt though. Nice touch.

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  1. It used to be nice but recently, don't you think it's getting too common even for a t shirt/polo that cost quite abit of an arm?

  2. Pretty sweet detailing on the back of that polo, hopefully some of that thinking can drift a bit further down to my pricing level. Love the blog


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