Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Varsity Jacket from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane

00O00 Menswear Blog: The Varsity Jacket from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane Fall Winter 2013
The varsity jacket from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane Fall Winter 2013 is proving to be very popular. Niall Horan, Justin Bieber, Miguel and G-Dragon all wore them this year. There must be some others which I have missed. It is pretty rare to see a runway piece being repeated several times in one season. One reason I think, is because the jacket is actually pretty discreet and subtle. There is longevity in this piece, and perhaps to most it looked like a normal college jacket. When the jacket first came down the runway in January in Paris, social media was abuzz. It was Hedi Slimane's first public showing for Saint Laurent, although this being the second collection and the first was a hush hush no pictures editors only affair. I remembered Twitter was in overkill, the discussion was mainly around the size of the models, and this varsity jacket which many clamoured for. I certainly wishlisted it ever since.

Then comes the conundrum. I wouldn't say this is the show stopping piece from the show, but this is certainly a trophy piece. Hence the popularity on the red carpets I guess. Now that we have seen it several times on a diverse group of artistes, would it affect someone's decision to purchase it? I remembered reading somewhere, that fashion houses are often reluctant to lend out couture pieces. The couture buyers (owners not borrowers) wouldn't want to pay an extravagant amount on a dress that has been seen on some starlet. They should be paying for that exclusivity, but we know the correlation between runway/couture pieces and the aspirational behaviour which brings in sales of perfumes, lipsticks and small leather accessories. It's a trade off that the publicists and the sales teams need to consider.

Pardon the pun but it is a little like going back to college and writing an essay on human behavioural traits. I don't really have a conclusive answer. I still want the jacket, but that 'wanting' has decreased if I can be honest. I read on Twitter and blogs "Oh no xxx wore that jacket, I'm not buying it anymore". Which is a tad shocking and sad, since my blog these days is about who wore what and where can we buy them. 

00O00 Menswear Blog: The Varsity Jacket from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane Fall Winter 2013

One thing that is certain, is that sizes are running out at most retailers. Conservative buying or just sheer popular demand, I don't really know. Here are a few online retailers that stock the Saint Laurent varsity jacket:

- Mr Porter (US) and Mr Porter International, £1,235
- Luisa Via Roma, £1,235
-, £1,235
- Farfetch, £1,299 - £1,302
- Barneys, $2,190

Will it be a yay or nay for you?



  1. I agree with you that this is a trophy item. What surprised me most was when I saw the new Saint Laurent collections, I thought how in the world we would be able to wear them because of the skinny vibes and the way the pieces were styled. In reality, when we pull them away, everything becomes infinitely wearable. If I had the financial wherewithal, I would definitely splurge on this one because in my book it's THE perfect varsity jacket to begin with. And I actually think the normal folks want it more if they see celebrities wear it. The only case when I won't buy a particular item is when I see many so-called personal style bloggers wear it, haha.

    1. ha! if i do get it i'll make sure i don't post the pic then!

  2. YAY!!! Pure perfection!!!

  3. I thought G-Dragon were Miley Cyrus in the picture above... If a lot of people appear using a clothe that I'm intended to buy; I will think twice before spend my money on it. Is weird when you find someone wearing the same thing as you - it happened with me once (^.^).

  4. I think I may pull the trigger on it. I've been debating the same thing. It is pretty timeless.


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