Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Halaby Cameo Pins

00O00 Menswear Blog: Halaby Cameo Pins
Marco FunFun and Gilbert Halaby / Credit: Gilbert Halaby

I attended #Firenze4Ever back in June with Luisa Via Roma, and had the chance to meet the very charming Gilbert Halaby, a Lebanese designer based in Italy. Before I had the chance to meet him, I 'met' the cameo pins, where all the staff members had pinned onto their attires. The natural reaction was, "gorgeous pins, where are they from!". Clever marketing tactics aside, I thought it really was a beautiful piece of accessory. How do one spruce up a smart blazer? Add a gorgeous silk pocket square I would. Push the boat out further, and Halaby demonstrated that guys could do subtle bling too. I honestly thought the pin is beautiful. As seen above, it added a different dimension to an otherwise plain t-shirt, and of course Halaby modelled it perfectly himself.

To side track a little: Lady Gaga wore some of his creations for the "Applause" music video. Major much?!

00O00 Menswear Blog: Halaby Cameo Pins
The cameo pin on Halaby himself.

00O00 Menswear Blog: Halaby Cameo Pins
Pardon the stains on the table cloth, yes I'm a messy eater, I'm keeping it real here. Truth to be told: I met him on Saturday and he inspired my styling session on Sunday with the use of several jewelled accessories (Look one, Look two). I couldn't fit in the pin with my looks, but I should credit him with giving me the confidence to give a little bling to my first ever styling session.

Love the cameo pins. You can shop them online exclusively at Luisa Via Roma.


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