Thursday, 5 September 2013

Pharrell Williams in Junya Watanabe - LAX Airport

00O00 Menswear Blog: Pharell Williams in Junya Watanabe patchwork coat - LAX Airport September 2013
Pharrell Williams / source: Cocoafab | Junya Watanabe Fall Winter 2013

Pharrell Williams was pictured at Los Angeles airport this week after attending a certain menswear event in London. Pharrell wore a sand coloured patchwork coat from Junya Watanabe, layered over a black polka dot waistcoat, long blue shirt, denim shorts and exotic looking sneakers. It all sounds so mish mash and ridiculous and should not work in theory, but I actually really love this look. Love the straw hat and gorgeous sunnies. The long blue chambray shirt and the short waistcoat was a nice play of contrast. It is an absurd coat but he made it work. I am stunned.

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  1. I agree the patchwork coat actually looks fantastic (really dig the color) and he nailed it. Have to disagree with you, though, on the potkadot waistcoat :D I'd leave it at home if I were him. Ha.

    1. lol yea i don't know what to make to that waistcoat!

  2. Sorry but this whole look does nothing for me.
    Pharrell is fast becoming a caricature of himself....and whats with the hats all the time?

  3. Compared to the model Pharrell seems to be tiny and the long shirt and coat does not work for him and makes him look like a dwarf.


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