Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dishoom! An action packed fashion film from!

Here is a fun clip for the weekend. As part of the celebration of announcing the arrival of its first boutique from India on the site (Le Mill in Mumbai), they created a little fashion film that pays homage to classic Bollywood cinema. Dishoom! is a fun, shopable action-packed short film that shows a classic Bollywood fight scene updated for the 21st century with modern fashion and setting. It stars a suitably heroic and fashionably dressed protagonist and his equally fashionable female love interest battling against an evil villain and his cronies to defend their love. 

Growing up in Singapore, I often head home after school and watch Bollywood films on TV. In the  80s and 90s there were no cable TV and there's only so many drama serials repeats you can watch. Even without subtitles, we would marvel at the most dramatic story lines and incredible choreography that happened in almost all movies. One thing I would say about the above clip: there were no dancing around trees! That's almost a prerequisite in Bollywood cinema, no?

How many pieces from the below can you recognise in the clip above?



  1. It would be nice if they stocked more regional designers. I just flicked through the Le Mill stock on the site and the majority of it is European/American designers. In fact the majority seems to be Alex Wang and The Row. I spotted a couple of Indian brands but there are so many new designers in the region, it seems a shame that the addition of the boutique is just bringing us the same old stuff.

    1. agree with your point. i think it takes a little time for the regional designers to come on site. production and delivery etc needs to be on par with the eu/us designers, might take a while.


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