Monday, 21 October 2013

Kanye West's Stutterheim jacket

00O00 Menswear blog: Kanye West's Stutterheim jacket
Kanye West / Photos: INFPhoto

Back in May, I blogged about Kanye West's gorgeous grey jacket from Swedish raincoat makers Stutterheim. The hooded rubber raincoat featured white drawstrings, silver press studs and two side pockets. The coat/jacket is now available online from in six different colours. The coat retails for £200, which I find is an amazing price point. I'm definitely getting one, but the difficult question is: which colour?!

You can shop the Stutterheim coats online from



  1. Black! than Joan Rivers gonna use you both when the caption 'Bitch stole my look' arrives on her shows ;)

    1. ha funny! i have too many black coats, think i'll go for something more colourful this time...

  2. that's a very cool coat, surely will be perfect for the rainy weather, now without sounding too crazy... I am madly in love with the yellow one, tho it slight reminds me of the little boy who had something similar in stephen's king IT! what do you think? lol


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