Sunday, 3 November 2013

Jiang Jing Fu [蒋劲夫] in Moschino - Sina and OK Magazine event, Shanghai 新浪娱乐与《OK!精彩》杂志上海 “明星街拍盛典”

00O00 Menswear Blog: 新浪娱乐与《OK!精彩》杂志在上海联合举办“明星街拍盛典”. 蒋劲夫亮相街拍盛典红毯, 夜景西服另类.
Jiang Jing Fu [蒋劲夫] / Sina | Moschino Menswear Fall Winter 2013

Jiang Jing Fu [蒋劲夫] attended an event in Shanghai recently, organised by China's and OK! Magazine. The Chinese artiste wore a suit from Moschino menswear Fall Winter 2013, featuring night time prints of city landscapes. The suit featured contrasting lapels, and the cityscape fading into the night around the shoulders. A gorgeous suit but wished he would tuck his white shirt collar into the blue sweater.

00O00 Menswear Blog: 新浪娱乐与《OK!精彩》杂志在上海联合举办“明星街拍盛典”. 中国内地新生代男演员蒋劲夫亮相街拍盛典红毯, 夜景西服另类.
Jiang Jing Fu [蒋劲夫] / Sina

Jiang also wore the golden tipped brogues as shown on the runway, love those.

新浪娱乐与《OK!精彩》杂志在上海联合举办“明星街拍盛典”. 中国内地新生代男演员蒋劲夫亮相街拍盛典红毯, MOSCHINO 夜景西服另类.

I can't seem to find the suit online, but you can shop the Moschino city print vest / waistcoat and tie, online from and


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