Friday, 29 November 2013

My festive gift guide with

It is that festive time of the year, where the lights are up, the nights get a little chilly and we can almost smell the roasted chestnuts and mulled wine from afar. It is also the time of the year where the streets and shops are packed with shoppers, wandering around for gifting inspirations. I love to head to the streets to soak up the atmosphere, but scouting around the shops aimlessly just doesn't do it for me. So I am here to champion the joy of online shopping, where you can shop at the comfort of your home (or office like I do...), mulled wine optional. If like me, you are often at a loss of what to get for your loved ones at Christmas, gift guides are a good starting point. cleverly devised a series of gift guides, where we can browse the gift options by the person's personality, or by our budget range.

To help get you inspired, I headed to their store last week and picked out five of my favourite items this season (or the "What to get for Joe this Christmas" gift guide):

The Nicholas Kirkwood colour block shoes from his debut menswear collection is a sure winner this season. The dark red and black tones add to the festive merriment, but still a beautiful classic piece which complement almost all outfits. The shoes are super lightweight, big plus for me.

If you are a regular reader on the site, you would notice that these Givenchy silver tone black star cufflinks appeared several times on my weekly updated wishlist on the right. The black star is a recurring signature at Givenchy, this is a great gift (budget wise) for any Givenchy fans. Also comes in red for the more adventurous ones.

Yes I selected another Givenchy item, but the Givenchy arrowhead crest print shirt is really beautiful in person. The fabric feels substantial, giving it a good shape and the print is gorgeous:

Best of all, it was not as expensive as I thought (if you compare that to the price of their t- shirts...). Have a guess, and click here for the answer. I honestly guessed twice the amount.

Scarves make great gift options. I love this Ami zigzag scarf, so much so that I wrapped it around myself. This really is the "What to get for Joe this Christmas" gift guide. The alpaca/wool scarf is chunky and substantial, but again not as expensive as you might think...

Last but not least, if it is good enough for Harry Styles! As seen on the gorgeous One Direction-er last week, the Saint Laurent aviator leather jacket is quite literally, to die for. A classic wardrobe item, the sumptuous shearling bomber jacket will be the story of our lives. (ok bad pun)

The above are a few items to get your creative juices flowing. Browse the gift guides at for more inspiration. For reading all the way to the end of the post, here are two codes for you as a reward:

- FREEDEL For free express shipping over £200
- BLKFR30 30% off a selection of items, code valid till 1st December (North America only!)

There are some other fine print with above codes but it should be good to get you started. Hope my "What to get for Joe this Christmas" gift guide helps!


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