Saturday, 21 December 2013

Alex Kinsey of Alex & Sierra in Topman - X Factor USA 2013 Finals

Alex Kinsey of Alex & Sierra in Topman BLACK MONOCHROME FLORAL SKINNY BLAZER - X Factor USA Finals
Alex & Sierra / Billboard

Just caught the repeats of the X Factor USA 2013 Finals. I thought the winners of series three were incredible. Couple and duo Alex and Sierra sounded amazing, and I recognised that Alex wore a floral jacket from Topman. The floral abstract print jacket fitted Alex really well, and it also nicely matched and complimented Sierra's dress. I thought Alex looked really good, and their duet with Leona Lewis gave me goosebumps. A very emotional performance below, gorgeous song.



  1. wow, I wouldn't quess it's from topman, I really like it.

    1. the jacket is gorgeous, and now 50% off too. And my size is available :x

  2. I wanted to make a christmas present for myself but by size isn't available ;c
    Lucky you! :D

  3. I want it as a Christmas gift for myself but my size isn't available :( lucky you!


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