Saturday, 11 January 2014

Neil Barrett in Neil Barrett - Neil Barrett Fall Winter 2014 Show, #MFW

Neil Barrett in NEIL BARRETT COLOUR-BLOCK BONDED-JERSEY SWEATSHIRT - Neil Barrett Fall Winter 2014 Show, #MFW
Neil Barrett / HommeModel

There's a lot of Neil Barrett in my title there. Neil Barrett presented his Fall Winter 2014 menswear collection earlier today as part of Milan Fashion Week. The British designer presented a really tightly edited collection of covetable outerwear, and continued the sweatshirt trend with his geometric themes seen in his recent collections. You can see pictures of his Fall Winter 2014 collection here. He took a bow after the show in one of his colour block bonded jersey sweatshirt from Neil Barrett Fall Winter 2013

Love a designer who wears their own clothes. Sounds strange for me to write that, but you will be surprised that many actually don't. Neil was very kind and gracious towards me when I went to his shows a few years back. Back then blogging was still at its infancy but he was willing to give me his attention and time. It is things like that you don't forget. Love his new collection, early reviews appear to be a hit with buyers and editors. Needless to say, I need them, like now!

Shop Neil Barrett's geometric pieces:


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  1. Now I notice how awesome Neil Barret designs are, never have put my attention on them and now I see what I have been missing. I know one of these will look awesome with my working attire.


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