Monday, 3 February 2014

Bradley Cooper in Vivienne Westwood - 'American Bluff' Paris Premiere

Bradley Cooper in Vivienne Westwood - 'American Bluff' Paris Premiere
Bradley Cooper / Source: Kristy Sparow/Getty Images Europe | Vivienne Westwood Fall Winter 2014

Bradley Cooper and director David O. Russell attended the 'American Bluff' Paris Premiere at Cinema UGC Normandie on 3 February 2014 in Paris, France. Bradley Cooper wore a maroon / terracotta coloured coat with black contrasting lapels from Vivienne Westwood, over a pale blue shirt, silver striped tie, navy trousers and brown lace-up shoes.

So 'American Hustle' got renamed as 'American Bluff' in France? I have not watched the movie yet, but that rename actually does make sense doesn't it? If you remembered the movie 'Friends With Benefits' back in 2011, it was renamed as 'Sex Friends' in France. It really does make sense! Don't get me wrong here, I'm a Francophile and my humble ambition in life is to date a French. (yes, email me please...)

Back to Le Cooper. His brown / maroon / terracotta coloured coat was fresh off the Vivienne Westwood Fall Winter 2014 show two weeks ago at Paris Fashion Week. The coat was similar to the grey Vivienne Westwood coat he wore for the movie's premiere in New York City back in December 2013. However, he made the faux pas by not removing the label from the sleeve of the coat. It annoys me why retailers / brands keep sewing on the label there when we have to then remove it. There are better ways to do branding, and this really have to stop.

Sorry, back to Le Cooper. You have to agree with me he looked a little tired in those pictures. Stayed up too late for the Super Bowl perhaps? Women want to be with him, gays want to shag him and men want to be him, but I really do think this is not one of his best looks. There's also something funny about his brows, the colour doesn't quite match his hair, it all looked a little odd.

Bradley Cooper in Vivienne Westwood - 'American Bluff' Paris Premiere
Bradley Cooper and David O. Russell / Source: Kristy Sparow/Getty Images Europe

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  1. The haircut is odd and .... yes the brows. The coat does not suit him (is it just the colour?) and neither the match with lots of colours he is wearing like navy (trousers), dark brown (shoes), grey (tie), light blue (shirt). Re-set please Bradley!!! (Andy)


what's he wearing?