Friday, 21 February 2014

Pharrell's Thom Browne Aviators - New Album "GIRL"

Pharrell's Thom Browne Aviators - New Album 'GIRL'
Pharrell Williams "GIRL"

Pharrell Williams will be releasing his second album "Girl" on 3 March 2014. On the recently released album image, Pharrell was pictured alongside three girls, and all four of them wore bathrobes and sunglasses. What is happening here?

For the album cover, Pharrell Williams wore a pair of gold rimmed black lens aviators from Thom Browne. Lovely shades on Pharrell, but I love the pair on the girl with the red lips (sunglasses I meant...). You can shop the Thom Browne silver tone sunglasses online from Barneys.

I am guessing "Happy" will be included in Pharrell's new album. Mega infectious tune.



  1. I think the three girls are wearing the shades that Pharrell just made with Moncler Lunnettes no?

    1. interesting, why isn't Pharrell wearing them instead!?


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