Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Thinking about thinking

Olympia Le Tan books
Was going through my pictures and came across this out-take from my styling session in Florence last summer with Luisa Via Roma (above left). I put together an outfit where things did not appear what they seemed: a ripped vest but linked by an intricate chain, a seeming normal pair of sneakers from afar but it was fully crystals embellished, and a wooden box modelled after a book (I refuse to call it a clutch or mlutch). Full look here.

I wonder at times, if the designers and creators are trying to send a deeper message within. Anya Hindmarch did really whimsical clutches which looked like giant matchboxes (#love), and for FW14: cornflake boxes. Chanel did the supermarket thing and Moschino made fast food loving acceptable for FW14, but both in ways sending messages about our absurd consumerism culture?

I happened to pick the Olympia Le Tan book thing (not clutch) because it looked really pretty and I thought my wonderful model could carry it off (I could put a bin liner over him and he will still look good, le sigh). I dug a little further lately, and found out that the book case was in tribute to Bertolt Brecht, a German poet / playwright. I really like the book case thing, it is conspicuous and just enough room for the things I need to carry on my day. My only issue is with the clasp which makes it somewhat feminine. If someone could remodel and reengineer it a little, I think it is a really fun piece of accessory that could work outside of editorials.

"Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life." ~ Bertolt Brecht, [The Mother]

Here are a small selection of Olympia Le Tan's book cases for Spring Summer 2014. Any favourites or inspiring ones? 'British Seamen' sounds like a fun read. You can click for more information and to shop online.



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