Wednesday, 5 March 2014

#OBWAYOFLIFE 'My Perfect Day': Orlebar Brown video series featuring Mr. Hare

Orlebar Brown recently released a series of videos entitled #OBWAYOFLIFE 'My Perfect Day'. They followed a small group of people who resonate with the brand, those who appreciate the simplicity and attention to detail, how they choose to eat, dress, drive and live. The above video featured British shoe maker Mr. Hare. I talk a lot about his shoes on here, and I thought the video is really interesting as you get to see who Mr. Hare is, how he sounds like, what is his #OBWAYOFLIFE. 

Orlebar Brown also worked with three other ambassadors including tailor Luke Sweeney of Thom Sweeney, interior architect Jonathan Reed and kitesurfing champion Alex Caizergues. To document their perfect day and highlight their unique crafts and talents. You can click on the video to watch the other series on YouTube.

Orlebar Brown is also offering one lucky winner the chance to live their Perfect Day. Whether it is diving into a crystal clear sea, dancing under the moonlight, a day in the boxing ring or playing football with friends. You can find out more information on

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