Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Givenchy Photographic Print Sweatshirt

Austin Mahone / Source: Paul Marotta/Getty Images | Givenchy Spring Summer 2014

We featured Austin Mahone in the above Givenchy photographic t-shirt two weeks ago. The American singer wore the abstract print t-shirt for his concert in Boston, Massachusetts. The photographic print adorned several pieces from Givenchy Spring Summer 2014, and new this week at Mr Porter is the below sand coloured sweatshirt in a similar photographic print:

Givenchy Photographic Print Sweatshirt

I love the above styling with the bright orange camouflage shorts (mmm leggings optional). Thought that would make a more youthful stage getup for Austin Mahone. You can shop the Givenchy photographic print sweatshirt online from Mr Porter (US) and Mr Porter International.


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