Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Lee Chen [李晨] in Neil Barrett and Gao Hu [高虎] in Dior Homme - 第四届明星公民颁奖盛典

Jerry Lee Chen in Neil Barrett 李晨出席第四届明星公民颁奖盛典
Lee Chen [李晨] / Sina | Neil Barrett Pre-Spring Summer 2014

I'm not really sure what the English translation is, but an awards ceremony was recently held in China called [第四届明星公民颁奖盛典]. If I am to hazard a guess, The 4th Annual People's Choice Awards? I do apologise if it is incorrect, I could not find the official English title. Several of the artistes in the region attended the event, including Lee Chen [李晨] above in a suit from Neil Barrett Pre-Spring Summer 2014. It is like waiting for the bus for ages, and two came at once. We featured designer Neil Barrett in the colour block sweatshirt the day before, when he attended the premiere of 'Yves Saint Laurent' (the movie) in Milan. Lee Chen wore the blazer in the same print, over a black shirt and black trousers.

I love the hint of the deep blue against the black sleeves, contrasted by the bold vertical columns. The cropped trousers with a hint of the sock-less ankles was well executed. If I could change one thing, I would perhaps opt for a white shirt instead of black. The whole look felt a little dark for me. 

You can shop the Neil Barrett colour block blazer online from Farfetch.com. Here are a few other colour block items from Neil Barrett:

Gao Hu in Dior Homme 高虎出席第四届明星公民颁奖盛典
关悦 and Gao Hu [高虎] / Sina | Dior Homme Spring Summer 2014

Fellow Chinese artiste Gao Hu [高虎] also attended the event. Also opting for the colour block look, Gao Hu wore a plum coloured suit from Dior Homme Spring Summer 2014. I may not be correct, but the Dior Homme Spring Summer 2014 collection appeared a little Mondrian inspired. It is a busy blazer with several blocks of colour coming through, I would be very keen to keep the rest of the outfit simple. A simple white shirt underneath, or even a crew neck t-shirt per the runway model. Gao Hu's shirt appeared too fussy with the black trim around the collar. The bow tie is way too small (and quite redundant here to be honest), and together with the cropped fit of the suit, it felt like he wore a child's outfit. Do love the peek of the white cuffs (but not enough), and the black / white bracelet is again too fussy with the busy suit. Sorry if I sound overly harsh, but let me know if you disagree. I feel it is a case of "nice suit, but could be better styled".

To end things on a light hearted note, here are a few interesting Mondrian inspired items. Click for more information and to shop online:




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