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Fornasetti Profumi - Giardino Segreto

Fornasetti Profumi - Giardino Segreto
Fornasetti Profumi - Giardino Segreto

It is the Easter weekend here in London and it is cold, drab and rainy. Currently spring cleaning my flat and it is out with the old and in with the new. My flat smells absolutely lovely now, thanks to the freshness of the rain and the gorgeous Earthy scent of 'Giardino Segreto', the new scent from Fornasetti Profumi.

Fornasetti Profumi - Giardino Segreto
'Giardino Segreto' in Italian translates to 'secret garden'. It is the fourth scent from Fornasetti Profumi, and it fuses together the Earthiness of fresh foliage and the crispness of the Spring air. Just hints of it and nothing too overpowering. Close our eyes and it is almost like we are being transported to this magical forest: the scene and scent of fresh ferns and dewy leaves. The scent takes inspiration from Piero Fornasetti's drawings (more below), where we are transported to this secret garden. All our secrets and fears are uncovered in this jungle of life.

These days, it is a luxury to be able to switch off from the complexities of modern city life. Draw down the shades, light the candle and let imagination run wild for a few minutes. The scent is perfect for Spring, and the candles are housed in ceramics beautifully painted with Fornasetti's illustrations. The 300g candles also come with a lid, great for keeping the scent longer, and we can reuse the beautiful holder when the wax is exhausted.

The new scent comes in two designs: Giardino Segreto (above), and Balaustra (below).

Fornasetti Profumi - Giardino Segreto
Fornasetti Profumi - Balaustra (middle). Besides candles, the fresh Earthy foliage scent also comes in a handy room spray (above right). Housed in a taller but thinner ceramic holder with the same magical prints, the nifty room spray is kept nicely hidden inside:

Fornasetti Profumi - Giardino Segreto
Not that there is a need to disguise room sprays and aromas, but I thought the design is so clever and it can sit discreetly yet beautifully by the table. And that is my hand above, you never know when and where your hands will be needed, so best to keep them well manicured and moisturised. So thank you Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. Tan courtesy of Apple iPhoto.

Click below for more information and to shop Fornasetti online:

Fornasetti Profumi - Giardino SegretoFornasetti Profumi - Giardino SegretoFornasetti Profumi - Giardino Segreto
Milanese designer and craftsman Piero Fornasetti created over 11,000 pieces and his collection of objects and furniture is one of the largest of the 20th century. 'Giardino Segreto' and 'Balaustra' used three of Fornasetti's illustrations to create the unique designs on the ceramics. Owls feature rather frequently in Fornasetti's designs. According to Italian folklore, owls are majestic animals and they signify wisdom. If there are owls living within the property or barn, it is considered very good luck and  house buyers often pay a premium for that. I am sure owls on my Fornasetti candle will do the same (that is city life for you). 

The three designs above are also available as wallpapers, click for more information and to shop online from Occa-Home.


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