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Sean Avery in Dior Homme - Dior Homme Dinner, NYC

Sean Avery in Dior Homme - Dior Homme Dinner, NYC
Sean Avery / Joe Schildhorn /,

Sean Avery attended a dinner at ACME in New York City this week, hosted by Dior Homme's Creative Director Kris Van Assche. The dinner was to celebrate the arrival of the new Autumn 2014 collection, and the special installation at the Dior Homme store in SOHO New York. Conceived by Parisian duo M/M, the one-month setup incorporates cylindrical standing lamps (twenty-six in all, each smeared with a different letter of the alphabet) and gallery-esque lighting effects. Sean Avery, former professional ice hockey player / fiancé to Hilary Rhoda, wore a paint effect shirt from Dior Homme by Kris Van Assche.

Sean Avery in Dior Homme - Dior Homme Dinner, NYC
Dior Homme

Just as Christian Dior liked to draw from the work of artists of his time to inject a revolutionary dynamic into his designs, Kris Van Assche found inspiration for the Dior Homme Spring-Summer 2014 pre-collection in contemporary art. Each of the three themes that compose it lay claim to a unique aesthetic influence. In 'Disappear Here', it is the influence of Jackson Pollock and all-over splashes of colour that fill his paintings. This creative, energetic and expressive momentum is also found in the Stroke motif where brightly colours seem to be painted onto the clothes.

I thought that was a really interesting shirt that Sean Avery wore. A classic white shirt with a perfectly sized collar, accentuated with paint strokes inspired by the influential American painter and major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. I would not attempt my own DIY version, that shirt is perfect as it is. #NeedItNow

Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock (1912 - 1956) at his Springs studio in East Hampton, New York State, 23rd August 1953. (Photo by Tony Vaccaro/Getty Images)

Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock (1912 - 1956) stands amid some large paintings in his studio at 'The Springs,' East Hampton, New York, August 23, 1953. (Photo by Tony Vaccaro/Getty Images)


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