Saturday, 17 May 2014

ODIN Fragrances

I was recently introduced to Odin fragrances, and I must say it is an interesting discovery. I love niche artisanal scents, so I had a great time finding out about the interesting stories and inspiration behind each fragrance. Currently with eleven unisex scents under their fine fragrance collection, their bottles come with identical amber colored liquids, architectural lines and contrasting finishes to provide a clean slate for each unique creation. Scent is a very personal thing and will not appeal to all. If you are not into the big commercial fragrances, chances are you will find something pleasing within the Odin fragrance collection. 

Odin 07 (Tanoke) is my favourite, and rarely have I been so excited to find a scent that I love so much as to wear it for two weeks straight. I even wore it at night when I go to bed, no kidding. I have been in fragrance mourning mode ever since they discontinued Helmut Lang's Cuiron. Odin 07 is close, but warmer yet lighter. If you like scents with hints of wood, incense and leather, I think you will like Odin 07. Top notes: Spicy ginger, bitter orange, black pepper. Heart notes: Gaiac wood, smoky incense, nutmeg. Base notes: Redwood, patchouli, black musk.

You can shop Odin fragrances online from Liberty London and Barneys New York. Here are two others which I also love from Odin:



  1. Yum, sounds divine. Cannot stand synthetic-smelling citruses by the way!


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