Sunday, 1 June 2014

Miles Teller's Bang & Olufsen B&O Play H6 Headphones

Miles Teller's B&O Play H6 Headphones
Miles Teller / JustJared

Miles Teller was pictured on 29 May 2014 in Atlana, Georgia. Presumably, the American actor was heading to the gym in his Nike attire and B&O Play H6 headphones. 

I am currently searching for a new set of headphones as mine has gone kaput. Bose, less than 2 years, absolutely shocking. I should probably bring it in for them to see if there is a way to remediate the situation, instead of shopping around for a shiny new set. Procrastination and / or laziness might really ruin me one day. Audio experts: only the background music is audible on my current headphones, it has gone Karaoke on me. Loose wire perhaps?

Back to Miles Teller's headphones. Bang & Olufsen's audio prowess needs no introduction. The B&O Play H6 headphones is powered by the technology of Bang & Olufsen. Aesthetics wise, I really love the light creamy brown leather memory foam ear pads. If my current headphones cannot be fixed, this is high on my wish list. You can find out more about the B&O Play H6 headphones, and shop it online from Mr Porter:



  1. If you're using them with an iPhone, are you sure there is no fluff trapped in the headphone socket? Use the pin end of a safety to pull it out... Had a similar situation.

    1. Am using the iPhone. Just did what you suggested, but it appeared clean as a whistle, and problem still persist :(

      Think I will bring it to their store to have a look at. Hope their after-sales are good.


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